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Neck Lifting - Tightening with Sound Waves for Multi-Effect Skin Care

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Worried about sagging skin and aging signs on your neck? 

Seeking a relaxing and effective way to lift and firm your neck skin? 

Frustrated with fine lines and wrinkles compromising the youthful contour of your V-face? 

Curious about a massager that combines advanced technology with anti-wrinkle benefits?

Meet the ultimate all-in-one solution— 7 Colors LED Photon Therapy Face Neck Beauty Device!!

Introducing our 7 Colors LED Photon Therapy Face Neck Beauty Device – the epitome of skincare innovation. This anti-wrinkle wonder doubles as a facial massager, offering a relaxing and pampering sensation as it addresses fine lines and sagging skin.  Experience the ultimate in facial and neck rejuvenation as this multifunctional device combines the power of LED Photon Therapy, EMS Vibration, and Heating to deliver a spa-like treatment in the comfort of your home.


Remove Visible Signs of Aging: Are fine lines and wrinkles stealing the youthfulness from your face and neck? Our EMS Face Neck Beauty Device is the perfect solution. Experience the power of advanced LED technology combined with EMS Vibration and Heating to combat signs of aging, promoting firmness and lifting for a rejuvenated complexion. Say goodbye to sagging skin and hello to a more sculpted and toned appearance.

Wide Application: Our Anti Wrinkle Remove Lifting Massager can be used on both the neck and face to effectively lift and firm the skin, reduce facial wrinkles, fine lines and necklines, and is designed to give you a swan neck.

Multi-effect skin care: color light rejuvenation + sonic vibration + deep cleaning + nourishing introduction + positive and negative ions + 45 ℃ constant temperature hot compress to make your skin smooth and firm.

All-In-One Solution: The sound wave color light beauty instrument combines multi-color light waves, high-frequency vibrations, and micro currents, It has eight core functions and can adjust the intensity in three gears, taking care of your skin in multiple directions.

Key Features:

  • Multi-colored light combined with high-frequency vibration promotes collagen production, repairs skin elasticity, and effectively reduces facial wrinkles and necklines.
  •  Up to 9300 sound waves per minute vibrate+45 ℃ intelligent temperature regulation, deeply cleanse facial skin, evenly massage continuously, effectively unblock meridians, and promote skin absorption of nutrients.
  • Microcurrent penetrates subcutaneous tissue into muscles, promoting muscle movement, helping to repair skin elastic fibers, tighten and lift the skin.
  •  With a three-dimensional curved design in front, back, left, and right, fully fitting the curves of the face and neck, and massaging the skin in all directions without blind spots.

  •  Dolphin bionic design, 160° around the neck, fully fits the neck curve, and can deeply touch the neck skin.

Packing List:

1*neck beauty instrument

1*30cm black data cable


Neck Lifting - Tightening with Sound Waves for Multi-Effect Skin Care
Neck Lifting - Tightening with Sound Waves for Multi-Effect Skin Care Sale price$69.94 USD Regular price$99.97 USD