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RF Radio Frequency Eye Skin Tightening Device

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Tired of relying on multiple products to combat wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes? 

Ever found yourself frustrated with ineffective solutions for under-eye wrinkles and fine lines? 

Wondering how to elevate your anti-aging routine with advanced skincare technology? 

MEET THE #1 Anti-Wrinkle Eye Facial Massager

An advanced beauty instrument that combines RF Radio Frequency and Microcurrent technology to target and diminish wrinkles and fine lines, offering a rejuvenating experience like never before. Adopting RF radio frequency, EMS microcurrent, red light hot compress, and high-frequency vibration, our eye massager can effectively repair the skin around the eyes and solve a variety of eye problems, such as Crow's feet, eye bags, and dark circles. Unveil a more radiant you, and embrace the beauty of ageless skin with each soothing massage.


Effortless Wrinkle Reduction: Bid farewell to stubborn wrinkles and fine lines with the power of RF Radio Frequency. Our facial massager precisely targets the signs of aging, promoting collagen production and leaving your skin visibly smoother.

Revitalize with Microcurrent Magic: Harness the benefits of Microcurrent technology to stimulate the muscles around your eyes. This gentle yet effective approach enhances skin elasticity, promoting a lifted and firm appearance for a more youthful and vibrant look.

Enhance Blood Circulation: Promote a healthy and radiant complexion by stimulating blood circulation. Our device invigorates your skin, promoting a natural glow and ensuring your skincare routine contributes to long-term skin health.

RF Radio Frequency and EMS Microcurrent Technology: RF radio frequency technology and EMS microcurrent can stimulate eye muscles, promote collagen regeneration, tighten the skin around the eyes, enhance skin elasticity, smooth fine lines, and remove edema.

On-the-Go Beauty: The Facial Massager Portable Machine is designed with portability in mind, ensuring you can enjoy spa-like treatments wherever life takes you, without compromising on your beauty routine.

After all this massage stick is suitable for the whole face, and can effectively relieve skin aging, dilute stains, and awaken skin vitality, allowing you to say goodbye to neck wrinkles and lip wrinkles.


Experience the epitome of convenience in your anti-aging journey. Our beauty instrument simplifies your skincare routine, offering a non-invasive and user-friendly solution that effortlessly combats the visible signs of aging.

630mm red light, 40℃ constant temperature non-injury hot compress and 8000 times per minute high-frequency vibration can quickly import eye cream, massage the eye skin, relieve fatigue, reduce fine lines, and improve eye skin elasticity.


  • Material: ABS+plating
  • Color: red/blue
  • Battery: 500mA
  • Single net/gross weight: 57g/145g
  • Rated voltage: 5v
  • Product Size: 14*3.3*2.6cm
  • Rated power: 3w
  • Color box size: 18*7.6*3.6cm
  • Charging method: USB charging
  • RF frequency: 110KHZ


RF Radio Frequency Eye Skin Tightening Device
RF Radio Frequency Eye Skin Tightening Device Sale price$49.97 USD Regular price$58.94 USD