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Magnifying Makeup Mirror USB Rechargeable 180-Degree Rotation

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Struggling with dimly lit spaces while doing your makeup?

Frustrated with dull, inadequate lighting during your makeup routine?

Ever wish for a mirror that effortlessly banishes shadows for flawless application?

Seeking a touchscreen mirror that combines style with practicality?

Meet our USB Rechargeable 180 Degree Rotation Professional Beauty Touch Screen Makeup Mirror—an absolute game-changer. Illuminate your beauty space with ease using the adjustable LED lights, banishing shadows and ensuring flawless application. Upgrade your routine with the perfect blend of light and reflection, turning each makeup session into a well-lit, delightful experience

REASONS YOU NEED THE 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror with 360° Rotation TO Elevate Your Glam Game

Inadequate Lighting Solution: Tired of dealing with poor lighting during your beauty routine? Our Professional Beauty Touch Screen Makeup Mirror has got you covered. Say goodbye to shadows and uneven application with its adjustable LED lights, providing the perfect illumination for flawless makeup.

10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror: This superior detachable 10X magnification mirror helps you to see every detail clearly and apply delicate makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, eyebrows, and lipstick.

Say Goodbye To Fixed Position Limitations: Feel restricted by fixed-position mirrors? This mirror's 180-degree rotation feature offers flexibility, allowing you to find the perfect angle effortlessly. No more straining to see the details—customize the mirror's position to suit your needs and achieve precision with ease.

Reduce Battery Hassles: Fed up with constantly replacing batteries? Embrace the convenience of USB rechargeability. Charge it up and enjoy a reliable, cordless mirror that's always ready for use. No more interruptions or the hassle of hunting for replacement batteries.

Perfect Travel Companion: This makeup mirror is slim and portable, and can either sit on your dressing table or fit in your makeup bag, making it the perfect travel makeup mirror to take with you anywhere you go.


3 working modes: The makeup mirror with 20 LED lights, You may adjust the brightness (3 levels) to suit your different makeup needs by simply touching the switch button.

180-degree folding: The mirror is positioned on the table and can be rotated and tilted. Plus, you can freely adjust the setting to make sure you find the perfect perspective and meet your personal preferences.

USB Rechargeable battery: Built-in lithium battery includes a charging cable, and micro USB connection can be recharged with a laptop, charger, or a power bank. You don't have to worry about changing batteries.

Removable BaseTray: This illuminated makeup mirror features an adjustable base with a high-quality removable base designed for easy packing.


Material:Plastic / Glass / Metal

Size: 275*145*130mm

Mirror diameter: 167*117cm

USB input: 5V-1A


Magnifying Makeup Mirror USB Rechargeable 180-Degree Rotation
Magnifying Makeup Mirror USB Rechargeable 180-Degree Rotation Sale price$32.97 USD Regular price$39.94 USD